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Born in Olsztyn, Poland, on January 23, 1958.

Graduated in history from Warsaw University in 1982. Obtained PhD in history in Warsaw in 2017. Jan Maria Jackowski during university studies, active in democratic opposition movement, persecuted by the communist secret service (deprived of the right to go abroad, among other things).
1981: reporter of the „Tygodnik Solidarność” (the „Solidarity Weekly”).


1982: (under the Martial Law) publications in the „Tygodnik Powszechny” and the „Tygodnik Ład” Catholic weeklies.
1984 – 1989: journalist active in artistic and cultural press; published over 200 articles discussing social and cultural issues.
1988: established a „Solidarity” trade union unit at the Arkady Publishing House (previously active in illegal structures of the „Solidarity” Trade Union).


1990 – 2010: journalist in Polish National TV, Channel I (the largest TV Station in Poland); author of programs devoted to the political and social problem matter.
1993 – 1995: Member of the Polish President’s (Lech Wałęsa) Media Advisory Council.
1997 – 2001: Deputy to the Polish Parliament (member of the AWS – Solidarity Elections Action caucus); Chairman of the Parliament Media and Culture Committee.
2001 – 2016: member of the Trust Board of the Royal Castle in Warsaw.
2002 – 2006: member of the Council of the City of Warsaw.
2002 – 2005: Deputy Chairman of Council, next Chairman of Council.
2005 – 2007: member of Tribunal of State.
2011: member of Senate.zyciorys2

 Author of several books:

1991: „Interpelacje. Kulisy manipulacji („Interpellations. Mechanisms of Manipulations”; mechanisms of the operation of public TV in the post-communist period).
1993: „Bitwa o Polskę” („Battle for Poland”; political transformation in Poland from the perspective of Christendom versus Liberalism).
1997: „Bitwa o Prawdę („Battle for the Truth” – a trilogy;
a continued, in-depth analysis of political transformation in Poland from the same perspective).
2001: „Usłyszeć głos ludzi” („Listen to the Public”.
a summary of the author’s parliamentary activity, and his reflection on the rule of the right-wing parties in the years 1997-2001).
2004: „Drogi i bezdroża III RP”(„The Polish Third Republic – On and Off the beaten Track”; a selection of essays).
2005: „Polska w globalnej sieci” („The Poland in the global network” – transformation in Poland in the perspective of globalization).
2007: „Czas rodzin” („The Time for Families” – essay about social policy).
2008: „Na tropach IV RP” („Tracking the Fourth Republic” – a selection of essays).
2008: Znad Dniepru nad Odrę. Wspomnienia Matki i syna („From Dniepr to Odra river. Mother”s and son”s remememberance”-story about one polish family relationed on canvas second world war).
2010: „Bitwa o Polskę w Europie” („Battle for Poland In Europe” – a selection of essays).
2014: „Bitwa o III RP” (Battle for 3rd Republic of Poland – a selection of essays).

2015: “Tęcza zamiast krzyża? Polska w czasach Tuska” (The Rainbow instead of the cross?. Poland in in Times of Tusk – a selection of essays).

2018: “Ks. Jan Gnatowski (1855 – 1925) na tle epoki. Biografia historyczna” (Rev. Jan Gnatowski (1855 – 1925) against the background of his times. Historical biography – this research monograph is  devoted to  slightly forgotten priest today, a papal diplomat and, above all, a novelist who at the turn of the 19th and 20th century belonged to the most distinguished representatives of the Polish intelligentsia).

2020: „Polska w ostatniej dekadzie” (Poland over the last decade – a selection of essays).

2021: „Doświadczyć współnoty. Pożegnanie prymasa Wyszyńskiego w obiektywie Jana Marii Jackowskiego” (Experience the community. Unkown photos of Primate Wyszyński farewell in the lens of Jana Maria Jackowski – we proudly present photo album with photos and text wrote by the current senator Jan Maria Jackowski, who in 1981 was a photojournalist for Tygodnik Solidarność. He immortalized a few days from the last farewell of Primate Stefan Wyszyński (1901-1981). The feelings of the audience of these historical events were best expressed by a banner with the words of John Paul II: „Such a Father, Shepherd and primate is given by God once every 1,000 years”).

Author of  nearly 1600 articles in Polish and foreign press, dealing with the media, cultural and political issues.

Married, with sixth children.

Contact jmj@jmjackowski.pl