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Jan Maria Jackowski: I talk to PiS politicians, they say: “coal can kill us”

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In part of the old PiS, there is a belief that Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki is currently such a heavy image burden that it is very difficult to think about the third term with the current Prime Minister – Senator Jan Maria Jackowski said in “Facts po Faktach”, commenting on the situation inside the camp ruling. In the opinion of the Deputy Marshal of the Senate, Gabriela Morawska-Stanecka, “after this cold winter it may turn out that society will demand a change of power more radically”.

Jaroslaw Kaczynski in an interview for the Polska Times published on Tuesday, he was asked about media reports about a group of leading politicians PISwho would conspire against Prime Minister Morawiecki, demanding his dismissal. “The situation is that if such a group had such goals, it would have to aim at one more dismissal. I mean me. Because it has been the case so far, but without my consent the prime minister could not be dismissed. Briefly, saying – there is no such consent. These are inventions “- replied Kaczyński.

These words were asked in “Fakty po Faktach”, Deputy Speaker of the Senate Gabriela Morawska-Stanecka and independent senator Jan Maria Jackowski.

Jackowski: PiS politicians say: “coal can kill us”

– I had the opportunity to talk behind the scenes with politicians from Law and Justice and there is a conviction – in this part of the old PiS – that the prime minister is now such a heavy image burden that it is very difficult to think about the third term with the current prime minister, said Jackowski.- Advertisement –

As he added, “on the other hand, there is also the awareness that at the moment it is time to start a discussion about the new prime minister and putting together this whole complex mix of groups, subgroups, overgroups (…) is so difficult that it is actually squaring a circle”.

– Some of them have really good contacts with the society and hear what is being said. When you talk to them, they confirm it, they say: “coal can kill us” – he pointed out, adding that it is about political significance. – There is awareness of it – he pointed out.

Morawska-Stanecka: the question of whether PiS will survive the constitutional election dateTVN24

In the opinion of the former PiS club senator, “the president [Kaczyński – red.] he is in a difficult situation because he has put all his authority on promotion Mateusz Morawieckiwhich from the beginning was a foreign body in the old PiS “.

– Moreover, why was the prime minister changed? (…) In fact, the decisive decision was the fact that Beata Szydło had her supporters, her sabers within the PiS club and in a sense was independent of the president Kaczyński. On the other hand, Mateusz Morawiecki was a very convenient prime minister, because he did not have this type of power instrument and therefore he was an easier implementer of decisions that were made at Nowogrodzka Street. Our voters did not understand why Ms Szydło, who was well assessed, was changed – he said.

Morawska-Stanecka: society no longer enjoys it

The Deputy Speaker of the Senate was asked if circumstances could force Jarosław Kaczyński to decide to change the prime minister. – I do not know what the circumstances will force, but I would consider this statement from a different angle. The question is whether PiS will last until the constitutional election date. It is not known what will happen after the holidays, inflation I don’t think she’ll stop, president [NBP Adam – red.] Glapiński notes a slip-up after a slip-up – she assessed.

– It’s gonna be a cold winter. PiS politicians give people good advice: insulate flats, insulate houses, collect brushwood, grit your teeth, eat less, spend holidays with friends. These are such golden-tongued advice for society, but society no longer enjoys it – she emphasized.

– After this cold winter, it may turn out that society will demand a change of power more radically – she said.

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