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Jan Maria Jackowski and Aleksander Pociej on the arrest of Sławomir Nowak


I think the matter is so complicated that we will have to wait a long time to get out of political contexts, said Aleksander Pociej, senator of the Civic Coalition in “Facts after Facts”. He referred to the detention of the former transport minister and former head of the Ukrainian road agency Ukrawtodor Sławomir Nowak. PiS senator Jan Maria Jackowski said that “he would not see any contexts here, let’s call it political or games”.

Jackowski: this type of case always arouses emotions

– I don’t have any detailed information about this procedure. I have the same knowledge as any citizen. What was given to the public space, so I would avoid analyzing the degree of guilt, non-guilt and these allegations – said PiS senator Jan Maria Jackowski in “Fakty po Faktach”.

He noted, however, that “the media once reported about Sławomir Nowak’s activities on the territory of Ukraine, in the context of doubts related to his asset declarations, and thus pointing to some irregularities”.

He added that “there is always a case of this type, when a famous person, who has performed important public functions and is known from political life, faces such a situation that is to be charged and detained, it arouses emotions.”

– I would not bind these facts, how I am trying to introduce myself at the moment, or to suggest that this is some political matter, that it is supposed to cover something. There is simply a certain pragmatics of how the services operate. In this case, as far as we know, it was an international investigation. In relation to the above, there was a situation that some activities are ongoing in time and at that moment such and not other decisions were made. However, let’s wait for the continuation of events – noted Jackowski.

Sweat: we will have to wait a long time to get out of political contextsTVN24

More comfort: Poroshenko’s associates say there are political games around the Poroshenko case

Senator of the Civic Coalition Alexander Pociej said that today “he spoke with Ukrainian deputies as the head of the EPP (in the parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe), which previously had deputies from the (Petra) Poroshenko (former Ukrainian president) bloc, and today also in this factions in the Council of Europe are deputies from (Volodymyr) Zelensky. ” He added that he had also talked to other opponents from the previous term.

– They all paid attention to one thing. During today’s conference, which took place in Ukraine, it was emphasized that Poland was the host of this investigation. This surprised me a lot. If this is true, then I get the impression I do not want to comment on the guilt or what happened, but it reminds me of the case of son (Joe) Biden and (Donald) Trump – he said.

– If it is true that the initiative came from our bodies, then we will have to consider very hard whether we are dealing with a very similar matter – he added.

– Those who currently represent Zelensky’s (Volodymyr) faction claimed that it had no political context. However, Poroshenko’s collaborators say that there is a huge campaign in Ukraine at the moment (…) that there are, however, political games around the Poroshenko case – said Pociej.

He noted that Nowak is associated with the rule of Poroshenko, because during his rule Nowak was the president of Ukrawtodor.

– I think the matter is so complicated that we will have to wait a long time to disentangle ourselves from political contexts. I think you have to be very careful about passing any judgments – said Pociej.

Jackowski recalled that in 2015 Nowak ceased to be active on the stage of political life. He added that he was involved in Ukraine as head of the agency responsible for road construction. – I would absolutely not see any contexts here, let’s call it political or some games – he said.

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